Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Actress Sikiratu Sindodo: "I Can Do What I Like With My Body"

Here's a brief excerpt of what the séxy actress told a reporter about her love life and more:
Are we to expect a movie from your ordeal? || ANS: No. I don’t intend to do that. It was a very bad experience, I wouldn’t want to go through such experience again in my life and certainly, do not wish it for even my enemy. Even if I want to do a movie of it, I won’t play that role.
When will your wedding bell ring? || ANS: Very soon but I don’t think it should be anybody’s headache.
How soon? || ANS: That is in the hands of God.
You should know since you have a steady relationship. || ANS: We have been together for a while.
Many people know you have been together for a while and also know you parted ways and are back to him now. || ANS: When did I move out of the relationship?
When you moved into MC Oluomo’s house! || ANS: You are right but we have been together again for over four years and doing fine in the relationship.
So you need money?
|| ANS: Yes I need money, a lot of it. Everybody needs money or don’t you need money? I won’t feature in any movie now on friendship level. That era has gone. Business has to be business.
When you started acting, you used to be dark in complexion but you are now among the fairest. || ANS: People can say whatever they want to say but it is my choice hence won’t give any reaction to this question. I own my body and shall treat myself the way I want. I don’t think what I do with my body is anybody’s business. I don’t displease myself to please anybody.

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