Tuesday, May 13, 2014

4 Africa University Students Caught On Tape Having $*x, Goes Viral

A GRAPHIC tape exposing four African University students leaked and went viral a few hours after it was recorded last week. The act of online debauchery has taken Mutare by storm, in yet another worst form of cultural decadence and irresponsible behaviour that has possessed most youths in Zimbabwe.
The quartet – who are couples – were recorded making L0ve unprotected in a hostel at the university. They took turns to film each other. The first tape which is two hours, 25 minutes long, stars a couple only identified as Ano and Charles, who are second year and final year students respectively.
The second tape, which was recorded just after Ano and Charles' L0ve making romp, features an unidentified couple. It is two hours, 21 minutes long. In total the two ad*lt videos are 4 hours 46 minutes long.
The student who recorded it was actually one of the "main actors" in the explicit L0ve making tape and he reportedly used a laptop's webcam to record their expedition. Ano and Charles were also seemingly aware of the recording as they strategically positioned themselves on a bed. The lad on the second encounter also repositions the laptop before he un*dresses.

The quartet were reportedly suspended as soon as the university officials got hold of the tape and were on Tuesday set to attend a hearing over the mischief.

The Weekender could not establish, however, if they have been expelled from the university.
One student from the university, a friend of one of the actors, said it was unlikely that they would escape the chop considering that they did this within the university campus was prohibited.

"What they did was wrong and they will definitely be expelled. No doubt about that. Yes, we are all impish and can do anything like that but outside the college premises. They disgraced us and brought the name of our university into disrepute. We blame all the offenders and they should face their music. I am sure their parents will be heartbroken," he said.

Another student who requested anonymity said the tape was possibly going to force the varsity officials to "scrap" the traditional and famous "Happy Hour" where male and female college students mix and mingle from 5pm to 7pm.

"We just hope the Happy Hour will not be scrapped. But that tape is not news, love making in varsities is rampant. It is also now a public secret that youths indulge in pre-marital rubbish and sometimes multiple partners. I think it is now more important for people to conscientise each other about how to prevent ourselves from contracting deadly diseases and not to abstain from the act," she said.

Deputy Manicaland provincial police spokesman Assistant Inspector Luxson Chananda said there was no criminal case about recording each other, but the Censorship and Entertainment Act was the prohibitive Act which makes it an offense to possess banned material.

"We have not received any report concerning that issue, but it should be noted, however, that possessing such material is a jail-able offense," he said.


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dhanshow said...

Is not a big deal na,must dey be expelled.....afterall dey re old enough to do dat

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