Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Photo: N*ked Chinese Woman Drew Crowds By Dancing On 11th Floor Windows Of a Hotel

A n*ked Chinese woman drew a huge crowd of onlookers after she climbed on the windowsill outside the 11th floor of a hotel and started dancing.
While waiting for the police and firfighters to come to the scene the excited crowd warily watched the woman's actions and took photographs. After the rescuers came into her room the woman abruptly moved on to the air conditioning unit making it clear – she doesn't want to negotiate.
Fortunately, initial assumptions about suicide were not confirmed as it turned out later she was under the influence of drugs and was not able to control her actions. Several unsuccessful attempts were made to distract the n*ked woman from her dance and entice into the room with water and food.
When all possible options failed to work an elderly hotel cleaner appeared who surprisingly found a common ground with the crazy dancer. While the cleaner was trying to persuade the young woman to come back inside, a fireman attached to a rope approached the window and suddenly grabbed her.
Despite the woman's resistance she was forcefully dragged inside by other rescue workers and kept away from windows. It was learnt before the incident she has spent the night with a man with whom allegedly took drugs found in her room later.

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