Sunday, June 1, 2014

Actress Anita Joseph Says: My Ikebe Causing More Damage Than My B00bs

 There are many rough girls in Nollywood but it seems Anita Joseph is leading the pack. She is not an actress that would get up close and personal with you without some emotions running real wild! Unlike most women who are blessed with either the front or back,
Anita has both in abundance and when she isn’t throwing them at you, you just feel they are somehow reaching out to you anyways. lols!
She knows that her assets are causing damage to men and this is what Anita had to say:

"My backside is hotter than my b00bs, even though I have both in good measure. Guys find them hard to resist. A guy once tapped my ass and when I turned, he just ran away. My backside has such effects on men".
Check out other photo of the stuffs she is made of below...

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