Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wife Catches her Sister SIeeping with her Husband, Str**ps Her

The wife has been asking her younger sister who has been buying expensive phone and clothes for her, as she was yet to bring any man to the house as her boyfriend or lover since coming to Lagos to stay with she and her husband. Funny enough, the younger sister kept dodging the questions.
But it all started making sense to the woman when a friend told her that she was suspecting her sister and her hubby, a building contractor, due to some 'moves' she saw them making secretly...
It all ended last weekend, according to the source who sent the gist to Citigist when the woman told them she was going to the shop and will go to Lagos Island market to buy some goods to restock. Her sister and husband saw the long trip as another opportunity to do the unimaginable.
But the woman was very much in the less than 15 minutes after she left home, her husband and sister were already in some serious action, dancing "kere wawa" in the room. No be small thing oh!

The wife tried to force the bedroom door open but her husband blocked it until her sister wore her pants. The madam still grabbed the sister and gave her the beating of her life, with both almost going nude.

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