Thursday, December 12, 2013

13-Year-Old Boy Jailed For Killing His Little Sister With Wrestling Moves

13-year-old Armstrong Desvallons admitted that he threw his body and elbow into 5-year-old Viloude Louis' chest about 20 times in June, when he was supposed to be babysitting her.
He was reportedly practicing moves like the "John Cena Slam" and the "Mark Henry Slam," named for wrestlers from World Wrestling Entertainment -- but there were no fake moves here.
Louis suffered broken ribs, internal bleeding and liver lacerations from the beating, which occurred at their Terrytown, LA., home.
It was revealed that Desvallons pleaded guilty last month and is expected to undergo treatment for grief, trauma and anger in a juvenile facility.
On Tuesday, members of the church where Desvallons' family worshiped offered to take the boy into probationary custody, but the Judge declined. The church members described Desvallons as a good kid, while Louis' stepfather reportedly called him disrespectful and argued that he'd do it again given the chance.

Huffington Post

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