Thursday, December 12, 2013

Africa Must Search For Another Madiba For The Sake Of Youth – Jibunor

African leaders have been tasked to leave up to expectation in order to positively mentor Africa’s next generation. 
Paying a tribute at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela, held in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial city, Newton Jibunor expressed fears that the next generation of African children would lack African mentors.
Jibunor noted that Mandela was his mentor, who really inspired him.
“The inspiration that I got from Mandela led me into driving all the way from London across 13 countries, through the Sahara desert back to Nigeria. People ask me what I was doing that for and I said I was leaving up to Mandela’s ideals. That is doing what you believe in."
Honouring the great South African leader, Mr. Jibuno stressed that Mandela, being a freedom fighter, fought for the freedom of both whites and blacks.
He also stated that the time was ripe for Africans to look for another Madiba to mentor Africa’s next generation.

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