Thursday, December 12, 2013

Anti-Amaechi Lawmakers To Start ‘Impeachment’ Plan Against The Governor Today

Following Tuesday’s Abuja High court judgement, 5 opponents of Governor Rotimi Amaechi in the Rivers House of Assembly have hatched a plot to commence his ‘impeachment.
’ According the Sahara Reporters, the plan involves the five legislators sitting Assembly beginning from Thursday, supported and led into the Assembly complex by the police. 
Reportedly they would also have their thugs, who are mostly former militants, in the Assembly chambers.
It was gathered that the 5 anti-Amaechi people would then illegally declare vacant the seats of the other 25 legislators under the guise that the 25 pro-Amaechi legislators have moved to the All Progressive Congress (APC).
As soon as this is achieved, they would unconstitutionally attempt impeachment of Governor Amaechi.

Sahara Reporters

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