Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fresh Confusion In Rivers As Police Shoot Live Ammunition, Teargas At State Lawmakers

The police in Rivers today disrupted a sitting of the Rivers state House of Assembly who were holding plenary for the first time since July when the House was sealed. 
Twenty-five of the 26 members of the House loyal to embattled Governor Rotimi Amaechi had converged on the Assembly earlier today to sit in compliance with a high court order barring the National Assembly from taking over the functions of the Assembly.
But as the lawmakers tried to gain entry, the police quickly descended on the Assembly and sealed off the complex. The lawmakers then decided to hold their sitting outside the complex.
But the police suddenly began shooting teargas and live ammunition at the lawmakers who quickly took to their heels scampering for safety. It is not known yet whether anyone was injured.
The deputy speaker of the Assembly, Leyii Kwani, who presided over the sitting could not be reached for comments. But the state Commissioner of Information, Ibim Semenitari confirmed the incident.
She said, “It is an indication of the impunity ravaging the country and a clear indication that the PDP under the present leadership has lost all forms of democratic conduct.
They can’t even pretend to wear a mien of civility rather they are practising jackboot governance and repression worse than we have ever seen under the military.” Ms. Semenitari said she would issue a full statement on the incident later.

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