Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Greedy Couple Sold Their Infant Daughter To Buy iPhone

Wonder they say shall never end,selling your kid just to get an iPhone and other material things is just the height of stupidity,i guess they did it just to be in the news.

A young Chinese couple is facing criminal punishment for “selling” their infant daughter and using the proceeds to buy an Apple iPhone, state media said Friday.
Shanghai prosecutors have brought a case against them for human trafficking after they illegally put their third child up for adoption online and accepted money for the baby, the Liberation Daily reported.

Accoding to investigators  the mother, whose full name was not given, used the money to buy an iPhone, high-end sports shoes and other goods, it said.

But the couple told police that they wanted the girl to have a better upbringing than they could afford, since they already had two children.

They should and most be prosecuted for this stupid and greedy act

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