Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Manchester Boss: "We Are Not Doing Anything Well"

Manchester United boss David Moyes, has admitted that the team is not doing well in every department and has lost its renowned fighting spirit.
The Red Devils face Shakhtar Donetsk in their final Champions League group game on Tuesday. Moyes worried about his defence, midfield and attack.
It will be recalled that the champions have lost back-to-back at home for the first time since 2002 and the former Everton manager wants the players to step it up.

"I think there’s a bit of everything that we could be doing better,” he said. “We would generally like to play better, but we’d like to pass it better, we would like to create more chances, we would like to defend better when those moments arise."

He added that they were trying to improve their performance. Moyes continued,
"We’ve been inconsistent at times and played very well in some of the games in the Champions League, but not so well in the Premier League games, albeit we’ve lacked a little bit of good fortune at times which could have made the difference.
"It’s tough, because the expectancy is to win all the games."
Although in recent games the team has not faced the result it wanted to achieve, MU is working hard to improve and to demonstrate more conviction. 

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