Thursday, December 12, 2013

Two Female Senators Declare 2015 Governorship Ambition

Two female Senators Helen Esuene (PDP Akwa Ibom South) and Aisha Al-Hassan (PDP Taraba North) declared their ambition to contest the 2015 governorship elections in their respective states.
The ladies announced their intention at a joint news conference held at the National Assembly on December 11, 2013, Wednesday.
The Senators said they had decided to join the race for the top posts in their different states to complement the efforts men had been making over the years in the same capacity.
They also pledged to “bring about more impactful governance on citizens of the states as far as genuine development was concerned.”
“We are not saying we are better than men that have been occupying these positions over the years in the two states and infact across the 36 states of the federation.
“We are only saying as responsible women, we shall be less distracted in office like any of the men that had served in that capacity with attendant highly focused and development-driven governance.
“Our efforts would no doubt take our states to greater heights in all ramifications,” Senator Esuene said.
Senator Al-Hassan, who attributed their successes in the Senate as female lawmakers to the Almighty God and the press, solicited for more support from the press on their ambitions.


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