Monday, May 26, 2014

Act N*dé and Get N5m: I Reject The Script ––Actress Blessing

There are still some good girls around, no matter how many rotten ones we have in Nollywood. This chubby and beautiful actress, Blessing Nweke has revealed how she turned down an offer of N5 million to take it all off in a movie. Her reason? She tells The Sun that she values her family name more than riches.
 How would you rate Nigerian movies compared with those of other countries in Africa? 
Nigerian actors and actresses, even our movies, remain the best in Africa. In a few years, we will be the best in the world. For instance, I have featured in a lot of Ghanaian movies and could not finish my parts in some of the films because of the frustration I faced. That’s why I backed out.
What kind of frustration are you talking about?
Not that they don’t like Nigerians, Ghanaians are very accommodating, they are nice people. I faced frustration from the producers and directors. For example, in Nigeria, movies don’t take long before they are produced, but in Ghana movie production is slow. It’s not that they take their time to make movies they are just too slow. So, I could not see the end of most films I featured.
If you’re not an actress, what would you have been?
If I were not an actress I would have loved to be a businesswoman. Though, there is no wrong doing both at the same time, I hope that very soon I would combine acting and business.

How much do you worth in terms of assets?
I am worth a reasonable sum both in cash and assets but that is not what attracted me into acting. I’m not from an extremely poor background and I’m not desperate to acquire wealth. I turned down an offer of N5 million from a producer to act nudé. It was very tempting but for the name of my family that I cherished dearly, I rejected the offer. I refused to drag my family name into the mud.

What is your love life like, have you suffered heartbreak, still searching for Mr. Right or engaged?
I have been heartbroken severally, not once or twice but so many times. As I speak with you, I have someone who loves me greatly but that does not mean that I’m not searching for Mr. Right.

What would you say is the cause of many failed marriages in Nollywood?
I cannot say the cause of failed marriages in Nollywood because I’m not married. I believe that was one of the reasons my parents wanted to stop me from acting. To them, I may not get married and if I do, the marriage won’t last. To me, it is a matter of understanding. For instance, at 2a.m in the morning, your phone will be ringing as both producers and directors are calling you for roles. We travel a lot to shoot films and some men or women may not tolerate that. Those of us who are still single are praying for God-fearing men that can understand the nature of our job. To me, these are some of the challenges that married actors and actresses face in Nollywood.

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