Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Actress Halima Abubakar: "I Don't Sleep Around For Money Neither Do I Do Runs"

In a recent interview with YES! Magazine, actress Halima Abubakar has said she is not a controversial actress and neither does she do runs. 
 That I bought a car didn’t mean I slept around to buy it, Read as it was said by her below:
Are you in any relationship now?
“Yes. You all have been guessing about that, but una get strength, why una wan know my guy? Do you know if I have? I laugh when I hear stuff like this. I just laugh at the assumptions.

I have always loved being with just one guy. I don’t do runs. Because I bought a car, gullible people are saying I do runs. So, because I want to buy a car, I will have to sleep around before I can get it? That’s silly. Everyone has become a judge and the main judges don’t have work to do again. Please, I’m too young to be in a hurry to get rich. God can bless you anytime with just one breakthrough, if you are okay, cool and contented.”

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