Monday, May 26, 2014

I Don't Need A Native Doctor To Tell Me I'm Ugly - Actor Okafor AKA Mr. Ibu

Nollywood comic actor John Okafor, often called "Mr.Ibu", after his most popular role in a movie has publicly made it known that he is one of the ugliest dude in Nigeria.
Mr. Ibu who made this known publicly , said he don’t need a native doctor to tell him that he is very ugly because even the mirror have already showed him how ugly he is.
According to the comic actor, my mother is a very beautiful woman and my dad was a very handsome man, I often ask myself ‘who be this after looking at the mirror. read more of the interview below..

A lot of people consider you more of a top comedian than a serious actor. How do you achieve being funny?

The issue is that I have it in-built and I major in entertainment. I majored in it because I stayed close to my grandfather who was a great comedian. It was fantastic staying with him. I am not even half as good as he was. You only needed to stay with him once to know what I mean but unfortunately he is late.

Why did you go to stay with your grandfather?

He demanded for me really because I took after him: I almost behave like him. He loved me and I loved him too. He was my maternal grandfather.

Do you look like him?

No. Physically, he was a very handsome man and unfortunately, I am very ugly (laughs).
Who told you that?

I don’t need a native doctor to tell me this fact because if I stand before the mirror I often ask myself ‘who be this?’ My mother is a very beautiful woman and my dad was a very handsome man. Madam please, let’s tell ourselves the truth. Me wey I get this face know wetin I get. I remember that I often went to ask my mother if she was really the one who gave birth to me.

If you believe that you are not good-looking why did you then opt for television?

Acting does not look for beauty but creativity. The question is: Can you do it? Would the crowd appreciate your efforts? So, that was how I saw it when I decided to go into this profession. I didn’t allow how I look to discourage me.

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