Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Nollywood Actress Can Sléep With Director, No Big Deal ––Movie Director

With men like this around, the case of séxual gratification for movie roles will go on and even get worst. He is a new movie director, Aniedi Awah Noba. 

 He said he can sléep with any actress he likes and give her a movie role, so long as the actress likes him too and he didn't force her. Here is what the man told Vanguard:
“If a director is a man and the actress is a woman and they find themselves attracted to each other, they’re permitted to do anything because they are adults. Where it becomes bad is when one person puts a gun on the other person’s head and make unhealthy demands through some blackmail."
The truth of the matter is, you don't need to force girls, just say you wont give them the job is indirect forcing.

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