Monday, May 12, 2014

Photo: World's Tallest Brazilian Girl To Marry Her Little Boyfriend

Meet the tallest Brazilian young woman, Elisany da Cruz Silva, who will soon become the loftiest bride in the world.
 The girl's height is no less than 203cm while her bridegroom-to-be is only 162cm. Nevertheless the couple are absolutely happy with each other and can't wait to get married.After three years of dating and one year of living together Elisany's boyfriend, Francinaldo, proposed to the girl.
Despite the significant difference in height Francinaldo doesn't feel uncomfortable, on the contrary, his future wife brings him confidence and inspiration.
 Presently the woman thinks about motherhood and even ready to adopt a child if needed. Elisany may soon become barren because of gigantism that developed due to a pituitary tumor. That is why doctors advised her to become a mother as quick as possible.
Remembering her acquaintance with the future husband, Elisany confesses that she could not think about marrige with Fransinaldo. When they met the girl was only 16 and their relations were more a game than something serious.

Francinaldo, in his turn, claimes that fell in love at first sight as he has always wanted to go out with a tall girl and Elisany fitted into that perfectly. Over time things have changed and the lovers could not imagine life without each other.

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