Monday, May 19, 2014

Vide0: Good Samaritans Stop To Help A Crying Girl Only To Run Terrified From A DEVIL Child

If you think nothing will make you to laugh, well you have not seen this video, watch it at the bottom of this post, after watching the photos. You will laugh like a confused person. I can't stop laughing. Very hilarious OMG
 Two passers-by (far right) approach what appears to be a young girl sobbing by the side of a path. The two women, pictured, spot the crying child and approach her - looking very concerned. One of the two ladies touches the young girl on the shoulder, attempting to comfort her.
But the 'devil child' looks up - showing her bloodied and disfigured face to them.  The terrified Good Samaritans flee in terror - as the girl, wearing a bloodied dress, runs after them. Earlier in the film the child is seen in full - with blood running down her face on to her white dress
Watch vide0 here.

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