Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Actress Christabel: Naija Men Don't Respect We Ladies

Back in the days when women respect their husband as the head and take turn to take care of him even if he has as much as four wives, there was peace. But these days, ladies say they are wise and this is the result.
Christabel Egbenya is one of the new actresses who think men should act according to their own dictates and in fact love them based on their own standards of what love is. lol! Read what she said below:
"I don’t think they are good lovers. Most of them don’t take women very serious and they don’t respect women. Just few of them have feelings and respect for their women. Most men feel money is everything there is, to make a lady happy. To me, money is not everything. Real men don’t buy their women over with money." 
So guys, stop spending money for ladies o. Just show them love...*lol*

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