Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Prostitutés Cry Out: Men No Longer Come For Us Like Before

Some commercial séx workers in Bauchi State, northern Nigeria, have expressed their concern over decline in the number of men who patronize them following insecurity in most of the neighbouring states. 

Some of the few popular spots such as Ogbonna Hotel, Focus Brothel, Time Out, Peoples Club and Benco Hotels are also recording very low patronage as a result of the insecurity.
According to Vanguard, owners hot spots and brothels around some major streets within the metropolis have equally lamented the low patronage from clients who usually engage the services of the séx workers.
Two séx workers at Bayan Gari, a Bauchi metropolis suburb, said since the bomb explosion in Jos last month, most of their rich clients who are predominantly visitors had not been coming to the state again. Boko Haram is spoiling their business. lol!

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