Saturday, June 21, 2014

See Girls Dying To Have Handsome Armed Robber As Boyfriend

It is a known secret that many girls love bad guys, but I don't understand why ladies would still be falling for a guy who has been caught and convicted for armed robbery. This one is kind of strange, please.
Anyway, that is the story of the cute guy above. He is 30years old Jeremy Meeks, who was arrested with four others during raids by the police in California, after series of shootings and robberies. 

According to Police he is one of the violent criminals in the Stockton area of California, but as soon as they release his photo online, it went viral with many ladies falling in love with his good looks and begging police to release him.

Ladies, I wonder why many of you love bad boys so much...
 Speaking from his prison cell, the guy has a word for ladies: “I appreciate that. But I just want them to know that this is really not me. Like...I’m not some kingpin.” [meaning: "I might be cute, but I'm broke as hell."]

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