Wednesday, June 4, 2014

TB Joshua is the Only Pastor Acting Like Jesus – Prophet SoulE

SoulE is not just a musician again, he is now a prophet and dishing out prophecies. He said he is not surprised that many are finding it hard to believe his prophecies, saying many did not believe Jesus Christ too. In this chat with Nigeria Films, SoulE speaks on very interesting issues. Read what he said below:
Are you in support of ministers of God with private jets?
My bro, prosperity is of God, but I will be the last to talk against any man of God.

I think people should just serve God and forget about people’s wealth. There is one man of God I love with all of my heart and I can say he is the only person I see that behaves like Jesus even if so many talk against him. I love him; I am not a member of his church but I love him. His name is T B Joshua.
You once gave out a prophesy that before the end of 2015, two governors will die, is it really necessary for them to die or better to change their ways?

(Laughs). I gave it last year and the Kaduna State Governor died few weeks after. I just obey the voice of God whether people like it or not. I do what He says, not what people want to hear. One thing is sure, I don't speak when God has not spoken.
What do you think is the reason people don't believe your prophesies?
Well to answer your question, I am Prophet Emmanuel Ifechukwude people know me as prophet Soul E. I am not called for everyone, I am call to nations not just Nigeria. When my master Jesus was on earth, people did not believe him and with all he did, they still killed him. So, it’s expected that some people will not believe. It does not bother me and it does not change the fact that God is using me for those that believe.

Well-spoken prophet. Now, with all your revelations, why is it that some of it are yet to come to pass eg, the WizKid and Davido’s case?When God speaks through his prophet, it’s a warning to those who are involved. Like I said about the two guys and we have been praying for the protection of God over their lives. So, we are happy that they are strong and still doing what they love doing, I will not be happy if we lose another act again, so we are praying.
You said you do not know Davido and WizKid, but as an artiste, you still have the opportunity of meeting fellow colleagues in the industry. So why not bring them closer to advise them?I am not an artiste, I am a minister the gospel, I am a Prophet, not the Soul E you guys used to know. So mine is to pass the word to whosoever God sent me to. Yes, I don't know them one on one; we are not friends neither are we close. So, I have passed the message. He that has an ear will hear and get closer to God.
You claimed not to be an artiste, but you still sing and your latest song 'Thank God’ is still making waves
Yes, I sing but I am not an artist, I am a minister. I don't do music because I want to be known, I do music because I want to minister to lives and bring them back to God. That's what makes me different.

Enlighten us more, do you own a personal ministry, or you worship in another church?
I don't run a church for now, I do ministry except the Lord asks me to, but for now, I do programs here and there. We storm cities, nations, doing prophetic healings and meetings. The name of my ministry is called ‘The Kingdom Builders Assembly.’ The Lord gave me a mandate to raise men and women for him. So, we build and raise men for the kingdom.

What about the collection of tithes, is it a right thing or an obligation?
Spiritual things are not for babies’; paying of tithes is biblical and if you want to be great in life, you will obey that instruction.

As a prophet of God, why haven't you received the a revelation about the Chibok girls?
I don't follow the crowd, why should I say what God has not told me? If he tells me anything concerning the girls, I will tell it to the world.

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