Monday, December 28, 2015

Ladies Come In Here And Pick Your Dream Man

Many ladies have always loved the idea of getting married to that man that suites her desire and for every lady you ask to state the type of man she wants,you can be sure to have varying choices[b] so i present to you these options and you must pick one of them having in mind that you are not allowed to remain single,their qualities are unchangeable and these are all the types of men in the world.

1.Mr A
-Extremely good looking
-chronic philanderer

2.Mr B
-Short and fat
-Extremely romantic
-Super faithful

3.Mr C
-Drop dead gorgeous
-very rich

4.Mr D
-Very cute
-Hopelessly addicted to alcohol

5.Mr E
-Very cute
-Very abusive and a wife beater.

6.Mr F
-Very cute
-Very romantic
-Extremely caring
-Wants you as a second wife
.The bottom line is that no man on earth is perfect and no matter how many times you change a man,you will always realize sooner that there is always a wow side and a bad side of every man so just settle down with one who cherishes you and hope for the best.

As a lady,you must learn to celebrate the good sides of that guy and ignore or tolerate the bad side as long as it does not threaten your life.

Your dream man can easily be found in one place... INSIDE YOUR DREAM.

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