Saturday, January 2, 2016

Nigerians Should Learn To Ask Who Funded Apc's Presidential Election?

As President Buhari continues to get encomium for his acclaimed fight against corruption, one critical missing link which many opponent and proponent of his administration have been silent on is, how did the APC fund his election.

  we remembered our able president told Nigerians he took a bank loan to pay for his form. firstly, there is strong ethical question hanging on the action of PMB to borrow money from a bank to fund his bid for presidency. I know the president merely sold that to Nigerian as part of the APC's propaganda to Nigerians to create the impression that its candidate is truly a masses' man.

Away from that, the real question as Nigerians look critically into Dasukigate, we also need to ask the questions, what was the source of APC's funding for the last presidential election. if the president claims that he is not a rich man, then by law, I know there is an obligation to INEC, the government and the Nigerian people to provide audited account of campaign fund for all parties. Except the president comes clean on this, there is no way he can convince rightly thinking Nigerians, as apart APC mugus and magas, that he is incorruptible.
no doubt this explains why most politicians in the APC fold will never be probed or purnished once Buhari remains Nigeria's president. he dare not try it and if he attempts to, the dirty linen of the president will be washed in the open.

To me, except PMB can come clean on this, he is deceiving himself, and very soon, the same hawks who joined arms with him and sold his candidacy to gullible Nigerians will soon come back for his jugular very soon if he fails to settle boys accordingly, when times come for them to get their returns.

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