Saturday, January 2, 2016

Wife Storms Husband's Secret Wedding; Scatters Everything

The quest for men who are not satisfied with one wife to take a second wife is becoming as difficult as the camel passing through the eye of a needle. Guys, just stay with ya one wife, to avoid wahala. Lol!
42yrs old Ndodana Chifamba is pictured above with his wife, Josephine Mhlanga, who stormed his secret wedding recently and scattered the event. It is unheard of for wedding guests to object to the union.
But at this wedding, the couple had a startling interruption - from the husband's first wife.
Ndodana and his new bride, known as Phindile, were preparing to exchange vows at their secret wedding in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, when the pastor asked if anyone objected to their marriage.

Incredibly, a woman swiftly got to her feet and announced she was married to the groom. As other guests looked on in amazement, 46yrs old Josephine then declared she had two children with her husband of 20 years - and had only found out about his secret wedding that day.

She said Chifamba - who was stammering - could not marry again while she was still alive.
Following the explosive revelation, the pastor halted the wedding. He told the red-faced groom and his lover - who apparently knew about his wife - that they could not sign the marriage certificate.

The couple had to turn their nuptials into an ordinary party, the Bulawayo Chronicle reports.

Josephine reportedly first discovered her husband - whom she married in 1995 - was living a double life when the groom's guilt-ridden relatives tipped her off about his planned wedding.

"His relatives tipped me about the wedding' just hours before it, she told the newspaper. They said he had emphasised to them that I shouldn't know about it,' she added.

Chifamba was reportedly living with his wife and children at the time of his affair with Phindile - but would go away from the family for days at a time - something he apparently blamed this on his job.

"Whenever he visited, he would apologise for spending a lot of time without coming home," Josephine said, adding that her husband would reassure her that he loved her and wanted to stay with her.

Surprisingly, the husband even slept next to his wife the night before turning up to wed his new bride.

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