Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Nighttime Encounter With President Goodluck Jonathan

It was the occasion of my uncle’s birthday party, which President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan honoured in person. I had the good fortune of being the one asked to serve him. His security detail scanned me with some device before they allowed me to approach him. While attending to him, I noticed the look in his eyes. 
At that point, something happened to me that made me become somewhat unconscious of my environment for some seconds.
Gosh, he’s got the sexiest eyes I have ever seen. And when you talk about a man being good-looking, sweet, and gentle, then you are referring to my one and only heartthrob, GEJ.
There’s really something about my President that keeps me thinking about him all the time. I just can’t put it in words but I know there’s this unexplainable feeling I have for him. I often wonder if anyone else feels same way about him.
Back at my uncle’s party I guess he noticed I was kind of lost, so he said, “Young lady, hope all is well,” and I managed to reply “Yes,” and I immediately left for my bedroom.
Since then, every night when I go to sleep, I dream about him. All day long, I think about him. There’s nothing that thrills me more than his smile. Whenever he smiles, I feel something spark inside of me.
He’s got all a woman would ever desire in a man. Is it his height or his sexy eyes? Oh my! Everything about him is so appealing and to sum it up, he is the president of a great nation, Nigeria, the giant of Africa.
Of course, he is way older than me, but I just can’t explain why I have this special feeling for him. He is 56 years old and I’m 23, but like they say, “Lve is blind,” and I guess that blindness has caught up with me and I just can’t help it.
I think something I just can’t explain happened between me and Mr President during my first encounter with him, and ever since then the feeling increased.
Later on, the night of my uncle’s birthday, I was in my room, unable to stop thinking of how I made a fool of myself and possibly embarrassed my uncle- if at all he had noticed what had transpired. In the middle of my thoughts, I got a call from an unknown number. I picked the call; someone with a rather stern voice, more or less, ordered me to hurry up and come towards the gate where Mr President’s convoy was parked. I did so.
On getting there, lo and behold, it was Mr President that had sent for me through one of his SSS agents. Mr President stepped aside from his guards and asked if I was okay, I replied that I was. Then he told me to feel free, that he isn’t a demi-god. I guess he thought I was scared or feeling inferior before him which wasn’t the case.
I summoned courage and replied it was nothing close to that. With a look of curiosity, he asked me to tell him what it was then. I told him that his eyes caught my attention and sort of mesmerised me. He smiled and signalled to one of his guards who gave me a card and told me the specific time I could call. I was restless until that time came and I dialled the number. While the phone was ringing, I had a call which woke me up from a very beautiful sleep. I then realised I had been dreaming all the while.
Well, I don’t mind dreaming so long it’s about Mr President. I just love it when I have such dreams. Sometimes I wish he was as young as I am, or that I was a bit older so that I could have him as mine for the rest of my life. But I guess I just keep dreaming and dreaming and dreaming…
By Jummai Calebs

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Ayoola Aremu-Cole said...

I guess you are perverted.

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