Monday, May 19, 2014

Actor Jim Iyke Fights the Guy who Crashed His Affair with Nadia Buari

Nollywod actor, Jim Iyke, very is angry at this moment of his life. His babe has dumped him and the actor is blaming Emma Agu as being responsible for the collapse of his sweet relationship with beautiful actress Nadia Buari.
 Anyway, the gist is that Nadia decided to dump Jim Iyke after he was caught cheating with his old girlfriend who he left for Nadia last year.
The problem is that Nadia would not have known anything but she was called by a New York based musician and publisher of Nigeria FM, Emma Agu, who called her to ask if she and her man has separated after he saw Jim Iyke in New York with another woman.

Jim Iyke was said to have told his lover Nadia Buari that he was going to Miami for business trip, but he was caught with his ex-girlfriend Keturah Hamilton in New York city.

Nadia was said to have confronted Jim Iyke with the facts that people in New York sent to her and after she had confirmed that Jim Iyke was actually sleeping in his ex-girlfriend's place he she broke up with him.
 Jim Iyke is mad with Emma Agu for exposing his secret to Nadia and anywhere he catches the guy.

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