Monday, May 19, 2014

Wicked Morther Cuts Off Her B@by’s Head -- Very D!sturbing Photos

This is the height of all wickedness,i have never seen a thing like this before nor even think it will happen in my generation...
 A 22-YEAR-OLD woman from Ndlovu village, about 30km from Victoria Falls, has been arrested by Police over allegations of beheading her eight-month-old daughter before attempting to take her own life.
The Officer Commanding Victoria Falls, Chief Superintendent Jairos Chiwona, confirmed the nerve shattering incident and said they had in their custody one Louislonh Gurajena Siziba for murdering her child Nomawethu Ncube.

The Superintendent said the infanticide occurred last Tuesday at number BH 28 – the suspect’s parents’ homestead, under Chief Mvuthu. Chiwona said an 11-year-old girl rushed to inform her grandmother who was attending a meeting in the village after she overheard Siziba saying she wanted to kill the baby “as she could not take it anymore”. "The grandmother, who was accompanied by a village vigilante and some neighbours, were a little too late as Siziba had already slit off her baby’s head and was sitting dumbfounded next to the lifeless body wielding a big knife.

Information gathered from the family members indicates that the woman and her boyfriend, the father’s baby, were having problems over the paternity of the baby. The boyfriend is currently working and living in South Africa. When she became pregnant last year, the woman’s parents asked her to move in with them to their rural home from her Victoria Falls town base. “We can confirm that we are holding a female adult in connection with the murder of her child. Preliminary investigations show that the woman could have been frustrated but investigations are progressing to get more details,” Chief Supt Chiwona said.

The whole neigbhourhood was shocked by the incident and someof the folks suggested that perhaps it was the work of evil spirits. “We do not know why she decided to kill the baby and wanted to kill herself. She could have been frustrated over maintenance of the child because the boyfriend abandoned her and went to South Africa. “He never came back until recently when we heard that he sent some groceries and promised to come,” said a neighbour. Another villager said Siziba had been withdrawn lately.

 “Maybe she will open up to the police about what was troubling her because she would not tell anyone. We have heard rumours that the man in South Africa is not the father of the girl but that is not reason to kill her. She was alone at home with an 11-year-old girl as their grandmother had gone to a meeting and the girl saw her pick up an axe saying she wanted to kill her daughter. “She later took a knife and that is when the girl ran to inform her grandmother,”.

D*isturbing Images Below, Viewers Discretion strong Advised

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