Monday, May 19, 2014

Nigeria Custom Officer Arrested For R*ping A Girl He Met On Facebook

Lagos,Nigeria - There is absolutely nothing wrong with dating someone you meet online but the danger is where either or both parties just reduce the whole thing to $éx and money.

 That is the dangers of online dating and it has come out again as a young girl is said to have fallen victim to r*pé by a man she met on Facebook and his accomplice.
The Custom officer has been identified as Felola Uzezi and his accomplice is Mohammed Sanni:
The girl was said to have visited officer Uzezi after few months of chatting with him online but on getting to his home near the Badagry Expressway, he had forceful $éxual intercourse with her and, sadly, he invited his friend, Sanni, to join in the act. 
According to the girl, she refused to have $éx with officer Uzezi because she was on her period but this didn’t deter him and his friend and when they were done with her, she was given one of officer Uzezi’s boxers to clean up with.
The victim reported the case at a neighbouring police station. Both men have been arrested after the report that they r*péd the 23-year-old girl who had struck up a friendship with Uzezi through facebook.

A source told an online news media that the Custom Officer is begging the girl and pleading to settle out of court.

Nigerians are yet to get over the sad case of Cynthia Osokogwu and now this one by matured men. Nawao!

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