Thursday, May 15, 2014

UK Man Fathered Three Children With Own Daughter

A 57-year-old father was on May 13, 2014, Tuesday, sentenced to four years imprisonment by Leeds Crown Court in UK for having 16-year-long relationship with his daughter.
The convict, who hails from Huddersfield, West Yorks, within the afore-mentioned period fathered three children with his own daughter.
The prosecuting counsel, Patrick Palmer, had told the court that the police arrested the convict in 2005, but left him with a warning, after the daughter had already given birth to a male child with another baby on the way.

Palmer said that the girl was meant to believed another man was her father until she was a teenager, because she hasn't seen her real dad since she was a toddler.

The prosecutor said when she found out the truth, she began getting to know her real dad, adding that she moved in with him following a problem at home with her stepfather.

Palmer said she told the police that she was 14 when she had her first kiss and romance with her father, adding that they started having sex regularly in 2002, when she had her first son for him.   

The man was arrested in 2005 for incest after he admitted being the father of his daughter's son, but he was released by the police since there was no sexual complaint filed by his daughter at that time. 

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